My work has two faces, commercial and fine art. My experience in each of these fields reinforces the other. When I’m working for someone else (commercial) I focus my technical and creative energy on what the client needs, which always involves getting to know them. I strive to be passionate about what they are passionate about, and to create the intimate images that they would have created, had they been the photographer. As for my personal work (fine art), I follow my own muse, and to that end have put together a series of 18 shows with themes as varied as my interests. Whether I am pursuing commercial or fine art, there is a scene, a person, or a product to be analyzed, felt and understood, to be clarified photographically using the skills, (and tricks) that I have learned over the past 30 years. This process allows me to create images that bring meaning to an event or a project. My goal is to produce images that distill an event to the fewest images possible that show the broadest range of emotion and fact, with technical mastery. When documenting an event, my challenge is to do so while being totally unobtrusive and thus not altering it in any way.

My work centers on event photography, ranging from the Jazz and Rock & Roll world of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as staff photographer, to weddings held as far away as Italy and Costa Rica. Candid, emotive and intimate images are a byproduct of my choosing work that is personally rewarding, and in doing so, I am able to focus all of my artistic, creative and technical energy into whatever project is at hand. Photography is my way of learning about the world. It can be a wedding, a concert, the way light falls on a martini glass, a walk in the mountains of Bhutan, or myself. Technical mastery has always been extremely important to me and I have not stopped studying the newest techniques for the last 35 years. My latest quest has been to be a truly carbon neutral business (and home). To that end, I’ve created a passive solar home and installed a windmill to produce 75% of my electricity. Soon I will add some photovoltaic cells to the studio to produce in the months with no wind.


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